Ernie Philip - Native Fancy Dancer

This site will give background to one of the best loved and world renown elder statesman of the native community.



Welcome to the website for Ernie Philip, also known as Dancing Bear - a name given him by the Sioux Indians.

Ernie Philip is a full-blooded Canadian Shuswap Indian and Professional Native Dancer. He is an International Dance Artist and Competition Dancer since 1966. Ernie has danced, lectured and made guest appearances all over the world.

Award Winning Dancer

Over the time-span of his career Ernie Philip has won over a hundred awards, yet these artist credits are only secondary to what he considers to be his life's greatest accomplishment: that is, the sense of pride and understanding of the Native Indian Heritage he has brought to so many people, both Indian and non-Indian.

The joy of the dance

Ernie's performances are for people of all ages. If you are a member of his audience, be prepared to come and participate in the joy of the dance. We are all here to have lots of laughs and good feelings.

More about Ernie

Please see our About page for a full biography on Ernie Philip. Enjoy your visit, and please send us a note via email to know you came by for a visit, before you leave the site.

First Nations Museum

Ernie has a new project: the development of a small Native Indian museum that will host First Nations articles, pictures and stories of the Native Indian history and heritage. Ernie hopes all will come and enjoy the museum, but also that some will be willing and able to help out with donations or loans of historical items for the museum. Please read Ernie's New First Nations Museum letter for full information.

Otherwise, for more information or to arrange to have items picked up you may also contact Ernie's assistant, Doris Peterson; she can be reached by telephone at 1-250-835-8551 or you can email
Ernie Philips.


Weytk (Welcome / Hello)

I would like to thank everyone who has visited the Quaaout Resort and Conference Centre during the past few years.  As the Cultural Coordinator, I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing stories with so many people from all over the world and I look forward to many more years sharing my culture with others.

The Quaaout Resort and Conference Centre has gone through many changes over the years and last year our new Talking Rock Golf Course officially opened.  

I am now working on a new project, one I hope that many will come and enjoy, but I will need your help.  This summer I am working on a small museum that will host First Nations articles, pictures and stories of our history and heritage.  We are looking for old pictures of Natives; as well as beadwork, baskets, buckskin items, moccasins and any other items that people would like to share with our visitors.  I am hoping that there will be others who would like to donate or place their items on display in the Museum.

Please enjoy my new website, have a look at the picture gallery; and send me your comments.

For more information or to arrange to have items picked up please contact me; I can be reached at 1-250-835-8551 or email



Ernie Philip,
Dancing Bear